torsdag 2 januari 2014

Kampen mot vintern. del 5.

 The dogs go to the middle of the galaxy, where Azathoth sits. He's really tired of flutes.
Azathoth: Hey! Can you play something else?
- How can he even hear the flutes? There are no sounds in space.
- It's a mystery.
 Pietro: Azathoth! This is Pietro, lord of the demons, speaking! If you follow us to the edge of the galaxy you'll hear a new musical instrument.
Azathoth: Okay! I'm on it!
Pietro: We'll tell him that the Earth makes a noise if you angle it!
Bissy: But isn't he gonna notice that no music appears when he does that?
Pietro: We'll bring a stereo and play some!
Bissy: But there are no sounds in space?
Pietro: It'll work itself out!

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