torsdag 24 november 2011

Universitetets hemlighet. Del 9.

The giggling creatures run out into the university.
Mary: They transform everyone who gets in their way!
Logan: This wasn't exactly what we'd planned.
-: What have you done? You've ruined everything!
-: Yes, the happiness monsters were supposed to spread to all the cities in the world before they were let loose.
- : Now when the monsters are only released at one place, there's always a risk that the UN or NATO or some similar organisation will stop them by simply bombing Stockholm.
Pietro: And then we'll die!
-: Er... yes, that too of course. I was rather thinking of the monsters not getting a chance to take over. But us dying is also a drawback of course.
-: If we're gonna die we're gonna die happy! Let's touch the monsters!
Creatures: Touch us... Be happy for ever... Hihihi!
Logan: Let's fetch Mum! Now she's got to come!

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