söndag 2 mars 2014

Kampen mot vintern. del 12.

 Mary: I don't understand how we can be in a parallel universe. I thought all the universes became one during the big crisis?
Logan: Perhaps we can ask this world's Mum. She's a philosopher!
 Logan and Mary eject themselves toward Earth in two capsules.
- But what about Azathoth and the flute players?
- One step at a time!
They find Sofia at the university.
Dogs: Mum!
Sofia: Logan and Mary? I thought you were at home!
Mary: We aren't your Logan and Mary... We're from a different universe!
Mary: But we don't understand how we can be from a different universe... All the universes became one in the big crisis!
Sofia: It may have seemed that way... But you don't understand modal logic, dogs! There will always be an infinite number of possible worlds.

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