söndag 16 mars 2014

Kampen mot vintern. del 13.

 Logan: But if there are an infinite number of possible worlds... There's gotta be a world where Mary and I disappeared through a black hole, but the Earth is at its right place again?
Sofia: Yes, it does.
 Logan: Great! Let's go to that world, and everything will be alright!
Sofia: But how are you gonna find that particular world, in the infinity of logical space?
Mary: Perhaps this world's Bissy can fix that...
 Logan and Mary goes to this world's Jeppsson dogs and explain the situation.
Mary: So we need a sort of GPS over logical space...
Bissy: I'll see to that!
Logan: And borrow the spaceship.
Pietro: No way!
Logan: But they gotta get off this world! It's not big enough for two Logans!
 In the end they get to borrow a bicycle....
Logan: There should be a black hole in that direction!
 Logan: To the right there is the exit for the right world!
 Mary: Wow! That was the longest ever I've held my breath!
Logan: Yeah, that was tough!
Logan: Wonderful! All the planets are in their correct positions - and spring has arrived!
Mary: But it feels kind of as if we've... cheated a bit?
Logan: Bosh! Let's roll around in the grass!
The end.

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