fredag 2 december 2011

Universitetets hemlighet. Del 10.

Sofia: Hume considered sympathy... AGAIN?
Finally the dogs manage to make Mum understand the seriousness of the situation.
Mary: What we don't understand is why they wanted to replace all people with pink giggling monsters?
Sofia: Elementary, my dear dogs.
The men who created the monsters are utilitarians! All they care about is maximizing happiness in the world! They think the monsters are worth more than humans because they're happier!
Sofia: We seem to be safe in the class room as long as we keep the door shut.
Mary: But how are we gonna stop the monsters?
Sofia: If the problem is utilitarianism, the solution must be Kant's categorical imperative! I must find a monster-fighting maxim that I can will to be a law for all!

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