lördag 20 mars 2010

Djuren vs kung Bore. Del 2.

The pets vs king Winter. Part 2.
Bissy: Well, this is wintery enough. But where is King Winter?
Logan: We'll have to call for him. Winter! Winter!

Man: Are you enemies of king Winter?
Bissy: Yes. Who are you?
Man: My name is Bengt Lindström. You gotta save me!

Bengt: No!
King Winter: Ha! So you're trying to escape!

2 kommentarer:

Kalou sa...

:D !!!! That's so great !!!! I'm annoyed too that all the winter is on your side of North !!! Gee, we sure would have loved that King Winter be in Canada for a while, he forgot about us !!!!!!! Snif snif snif !!!!

Henrik Olsson sa...

Ja, tänk så skönt om vovvarna rått på vintern :)