måndag 8 mars 2010

En enkel plan. del 10.

A simple plan. part 10.
Home again.
Sofia: Where have you been?
Alexander: We heard on the radio that something happened that stopped the big dog show. What do you know about that?
Cissi: Let me do the talking.

Cissi: But really it weren't us. It was actually terminator who did it!

Sofia: Terminator? No, you have a thing or two to explain!
Logan: What a great "excuse"!
Alexander: Look at this!
Sofia: What is it, Alexander?

Cissi: Do you believe me now?
Online newspaper. Robot attacks dog show. Picture based on eye-witness' account. An eye-witness tells: "A truck drove through the doors. From the roof a robot rose up, with red lamps for eyes."
The end.

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Margit sa...

Trevliga och roliga teckningar!! Gör du dem själv, eller????