måndag 30 december 2013

The greatest wish

Årets julserie: Klicka på den för att förstora!

lördag 28 december 2013

Kampen mot vintern. Del 4.

 Pietro: We must get Azathoth, the blind idiot god, to topple the Earth with his tentacles! He's really strong!

Bissy: Clever... But how are we gonna convince him?
Pietro: Hm... He's probably pretty tired of flutes now...

fredag 27 december 2013

Kampen mot vintern. Del 3.

 Bissy: So we need a longer rope.
Pietro: What if there are no ropes long enough?
 Pietro: There's only one thing to do... I gotta call on powers mightier than a space-ship. I must use my contacts on the dark side.

tisdag 10 december 2013

Kampen mot vintern. del 2.

 Pietro and Bissy don't manage to engage Logan and Mary.
Pietro: Do you want to join us in stopping winter?
Mary: No! We love winter!
Logan: We can play in the snow then!
Bissy: But never mind then!
 - We'll fix it ourselves! We'll just tie a rope around Earth and straighten it up!
- How big Earth is! The rope is too short!

tisdag 3 december 2013

Kampen mot vintern. del 1.

 Bissy: The only good thing about winter is lying in front of the fire.
Pietro: Word!
 Pietro: Mum! Why does winter come?
Sofia: Because the Earth is at an angle...
Pietro: Do you think what I think?

söndag 24 november 2013

När Bisse skulle vara kantarellhund

För många år sedan gick husse och Bisse på kantarellsök-kurs. Det gick inte så bra.

Hundarnas jordbruk. del 13

And the mutant dogs chased the mutant roe deer until the radioactivity wore off... and that's how the story ends!

söndag 10 november 2013

Hundarnas jordbruk. Del 12.

 Logan: What are the roe deer's enemies?
Pietro: I know! Bissy and Mary!

lördag 12 oktober 2013

Hundarnas jordbruk. del 11.

 The mutated roe deer attacks the cucumbers.
Cucumbers: Heeeeeelp!
Mary: But have you considered one thing...
Bissy: What?
Mary: How do we stop the roe deer now?

måndag 7 oktober 2013

Turistdag i Nynäshamn

Lite sent inlagda bilder, då vi turistade i närliggande orten (två mil söderut från oss ungefär) Nynäshamn i slutet på Augusti. Först Ösmo kyrka, sen Nynäshamn. Här kommer de iaf.