söndag 7 maj 2017

Till minne av Bisse, 2004-05-15 - 2017-03-16

 When Bisse first came home to us, Logan was so excited that he scared him.
Alexander: Look Logan! You get a little brother!
Bisse: Help!
Logan: Wohoo!
 However, they soon played happily.
Bisse: Haha I'll wrestle you down!
 When it was raining, Bisse used Logan as a portable roof.
Despite lots of practicing, Bisse never learnt how to walk properly on leash. Eventually we gave up, and let him have a pulling harness on the walks. We gave him the nick name "football player" because he developed such muscular thighs.                                                                              
 Bisse was agile and had a good sense of balance. He could even climb trees to some extent.
 Bisse and Logan were scared of, but also fascinated by, mum and dad's cat Pepsi.
 The dogs: Help! She looked at us!
 Bisse was initially afraid of the nail clipper. But when we began giving him a small treat for every nail cut, he loved having his nails cut!
Bisse: Yes! This time again!
 Once, when me and Liv had been tracking with the dogs, there was a terrible weather.
Sofia: Where's the car?
Liv: This way I think.
 Sofia: Bisse! We haven't got Bisse with us any longer!
Liv: What?
Suddenly Liv's Zouphy disappeared as well!

 They turned up again! It seemed as if Bisse had been stuck in some bushes with his harness. Zouphy probably wanted to help him.
 We went back to Liv's place and warmed up again.
 Bisse liked tracking, but he was easily distracted.
 When Bisse got a little brother in the shape of Pietro he was overjoyed!
 Bisse took the job of helping Pietro with his hygien very seriously.
 Bisse was clever - he was the best of all the dogs at dog puzzles.
Bisse: Done!
 He thought obedience training was fun, but he was picky with some things.
Sofia: Down!
Bisse: Ugh! Cold gravel!
 When a new little puppy arrived to the house there was first some conflicts around food.
 Bisse really kicked Mary's butt!
 Unfortunately, Mary learned nothing from this incident, but mum managed to keep order afterwards.
Sofia: No!
Mary: But... I was just gonna steal a little...
 Once, I dropped Bisse's leash right when a deer ran past us.
 Bisse was gone for over an hour. I was terrified that he'd gotten stuck with his leash in the woods.
 But finally, after one hour and fifteen minutes, a very tired Bisse showed up again.
 Bisse loved to sunbathe among the flowers.
 Sometimes Bisse crawled into the bag sheet and couldn't find his way out again.
 Or he tried to get out through one of the holes in the corners and got stuck.
 When we began hiking and camping as a hobby, Bisse thought it was great fun.
 Bisse loved the boat rides when we were island hopping.
 When Bisse was 11,5 years old he got epilepsy. We thought it was the end.
 But he got medication and was well again.
 The first time after the diagnosis, he needed constant supervision. Fortunately, aunt Elin, who was on maternity leave, could babysit. This was a source of great joy for cousin August.
 When he was allowed to hold the leash, he felt great pride.
 August also allowed Bisse to play with the stuffed toy Barry.
 Bisse was brave enough to dare bathing a little in the sea.
 Bisse wasn't fond of new years fireworks. Our tradition was to drown out the noise with a loud action flick.
Bisse: Go Arnold!
 Bisse was obsessed with turning down the car window during the ride, even if it was cold outside. He seemed to think it was funny that he could affect the window. He turned it down, I turned it up, he turned it down...
 Towards the end of his life, Bisse started swimming regularly. He thought it was fun!
Now Bisse get to do all that in Heaven instead. The end.