tisdag 14 september 2010

Hångelmannen och liggunderlaget. del 5.

Snogman and the ground sheet. part 5.
While Carro is distracted by the TV, Askari seizes the opportunity to change.
Carro: Rachel! Phoebe! Come back!
Askari: Superpig was right! A "covering" shields the heavenly bodies and messes up satellite TV.
Snogman: What? I said that I needed to borrow the ship, not the entire crew!
Logan: Hey, I happen to be the captain here! And I decide that we're all coming along!
Logan: And you may be used to being a super-hero, but you don't know anything about being a space-hero! When was the last time you watched Star Trek?
Snogman: But how difficult can it be? Talk a little about the prime directive, piss all over the prime directive, show aliens what "love" is...
Logan: Space-heroes do more than that! Don't bully captain Kirk!

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*skrattar* Härlig serie verkligen. :D