torsdag 12 augusti 2010

Muterade morötter

Lite skörd från våra odlingar på tomten. Men kolla morötterna, dom ser ju helt muterade ut!

2 kommentarer:

idaeklof sa...

Egna morötter kan se lite speciella ut! Men egenodlat är bäst på alla sätt, framförallt smakmässigt! Jag har en ny adress till min blogg numera;

Kalou sa...

Mioum !!!! I love fresh veges from our own garden, it's always the best !! And it's always joyful when carrots express themselves with new ways of being themselves :D! It's a very special corn you have with those lovely beans. I've tried to plant corns two years ago and it wasn't a success. In french we call them blé d'inde. I've tried potatoes this year, garlics, and the fresh peas are so good that they are eaten before cooking them :D! It's nice hey !! The colors are so pretty, you can almost smell the carrots !!! And I can see Logan looking interested :D!