söndag 7 november 2010

2011 - ett hundäventyr.

 2011 - a dog odyssey. One day, as the Jeppsson dogs are peacefully gnawing away at their chewing bones in the yard:
Pietro: Look! A huge black rectangle!
 Sofia: Stop! Don't touch it!
Alexander: You're just gonna start fighting with bones if you do!
Mum's and dad's warnings were too late.
Alexander: Typical. When it's no longer raining everyday, one gets a monolith in the garden instead.
Sofia: So typical.

2 kommentarer:

idaeklof sa...

*ASG* Alexanders sista kommentar är ju helt underbar! :D

Anonym sa...

:D !!!! I Love your second drawing so much, I love those 4 cute faces puzzled and their ears and you both freaking out !!!!!! Yeah !!!!!!!