söndag 21 november 2010

2011 - ett hundäventyr.

 2011 - a dog oddyssey. part 8.
The space-ship is sucked in by a super-huge black rectangle orbiting Jupiter.
 Mary: Wow, I wonder what we're gonna meet here?
Pietro: A larger record collection, hopefully...
Logan: What were you thinking when you only brought records with wiener waltz music?
Bissy: I don't know... I was just down with the wiener waltz... But now I also long for some pop music.
When the dogs step out of the space-ship they see, to their astonishment...
Dogs: A completely ordinary room!
Logan: This must the be the anti-climax of the century.

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|| mannen som kan prata om hundar || sa...

Vad döljer sig i detta rummet då? Aliens? :)

Sv: Jag håller tummarna för att drömmen blir sann :)